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Romeo Sanchez

PEDIs (Individualized Digital Education Plans) represent the courses of actions required such that students can learn in a more progressive and personalized way the learning objectives considered in their academic curriculum. PEDIs link students’ learning experiences in the form of learning materials, lessons, online tutorials, chapters, and exercises  to the learning objectives they have to satisfy across time . PEDIs will be built using advanced techniques of Planning from Artificial Intelligence.

Partial Satisfaction or Over-Subscription Planning problems arise in many real world applications. Applications in which the planning agent does not have enough resources or time to accomplish all of the required goals, needing plans that satisfy only a subset of them. This project considers planning graph-based reachability heuristics with mutex analysis to greedily select goals with good net benefit tradeoffs (i.e., cumulative utility minus cumulative cost). .

In this project, we address the problem of creating intelligent software agents that help humans to collaborate and coordinate execution of mission plans in dynamic, distributed, partially-observable and uncertain domains. The challenge is to find functional strategies when bounded rationality hinders the ability to encompass the values of possible sample paths. Our approach that combines the partitioning of the problem space with criticality metrics to trigger policy modifications has won DARPA Champions recognitions for Unmatched System Performance.  See a movie at the AAMAS 2010 Best Demo.

We address the problem of users creating visualizations to debug and understand complex multi-agent and/or distributed large-scale systems. VizScript combines a generic application instrumentation, a knowledge-base, and simple scene definitions primitives with a reasoning system, to produce an easy to use visualization platform.

PEDIs—Planes Educativos Digitales e Individualizados

Criticality-Sensitive Coordination (CSC)


VizScript: A Generic Visualization Framework

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